Sunday, June 10, 2012

Big Week

This week is a big week for Jack!  We have three appointments with our school district this week, two are evaluations and one is an IEP.  Please pray for us and for Jack, that we will have a productive meeting and that Jack will be placed where he needs to be.  My impression from speaking with them is that they have one option, which Jack is not ready for yet.

Jack is still growing like crazy!!  Every few weeks he seems to turn a new corner, so to speak.  What's been awesome lately is that he has started to initiate affection.  He has always loved being hugged and kissed, but only in the last week or two has he ever initiated it.  Every night now, he gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, something I'm definitely enjoying!! Sometimes these changes are hard to define and quantify, but a change like that is a sign to me that he has been freed up a lot.  Thank you all for being supportive, I hope that you can all see how much Jack has grown soon!

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