Sunday, February 5, 2012

Progress and Little Debbie Stock

We have progress!!  I took Jack to the railroad museum last week, and it was the first time I really saw all of his therapy come together for him.  He walked up to another boy and said, "I like trains!  Do you like trains?  This one over here, this is my favorite train.  Do you have a favorite train?"  He spent the whole hour with this boy!!   Jack even talked with the boy's mom, answering questions that he's always struggled with in the past.  It was amazing, and totally worth all of the things we've been struggling with at home and in therapy.  He even invited this boy to get ice cream with him afterwards; he couldn't come but still, Jack made a friend all on his own!!

Looking for something to invest your hard-earned dollars in?  Go for Little Debbie, or Hostess, since we will be stocking up on it in our home.  I was so tired of all the tantrums that I told Jack he could have a Little Debbie Valentines Cake if he went through a shift without a fit.  He REALLY LIKES those cakes, because he hasn't thrown a fit since!  I hope this is a turning point for him, because with his compliance comes potty training!! I can't wait!!

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