Sunday, November 6, 2011

Struggles and Accomplishments

Today is November 6th.  It has been exactly 23 months of taking Jack to various doctors, specialists and evaluations ~ a very long struggle for our young family.   Whenever I reflect on this time period, I am always left wondering...    what happened to my happy, healthy little baby?  He was so perfect, laughing and smiling all the time.  His development was right on track, and I was so thankful to have a healthy baby.  By the time he was two people were starting to make comments about his lack of development, including his doctor.  But I was so convinced that Jack was fine, I didn't listen.  Then our pediatrician wanted to have him tested for Marfan Syndrome - a genetic disorder with a heart condition.  After a year and a half of testing, a specialist confirmed that he did indeed have Marfan Syndrome and that his aortic stem is mildly dilated which will require him to be on serious medication within the year.  Four months later our pediatrician strongly suggested that we have Jack tested for an Autism Spectrum Disorder and he was eventually diagnosed with Autism.  We made a decision to have in-home intensive therapy done which started last month.  This blog is about our journey as we try to provide Jack with all of the tools he needs to live an active, fulfilling life.

After one month of therapy, we have already seen growth.  He is talking more, participating more, and even becoming more affectionate.  The therapy is so intensive, he is even eating and sleeping more.  His current favorite is hot dogs, which he wanted for breakfast today (he didn't get it, but I really struggled not to give in).  I think he's eaten more meat in the last two weeks than he has in his entire lifetime...!!!  It is wonderful to see him freed up from some of his fears and inhibitions.  I can't wait to see what else is in store for him!  His current programs consist mostly of pretend play, conversation questions, matching, and imitation.  So far we've learned he does NOT like to pretend being a plane or a monkey, and whatever else you do, DON'T MESS WITH THE TRAIN TABLE!!!  We've also been told that he is very intelligent and some of his programs are being moved up since he is capable of doing more than what his therapist originally thought.  It's going to be an interesting journey!!


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