Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Team Meeting Tuesday

Every Tuesday morning at 9AM, Jacks entire team of therapists comes to our home and discusses the past week and anything new they may want to add.  I both love these meetings and stress out about them.  It's fascinating and comforting that there is a team of people that care about our son's development.  It's also hard to hear them all talk about Jack's struggles for an hour.

Normally he joins us and plays with different people while we talk, but yesterday he was throwing a fit over something a therapist asked him to do.  So for almost an hour, the entire team of therapists, and myself, ignored him (they call this extinction) while he ran back and forth upstairs, made random loud noises, and just did whatever he could think of in an effort to gain our attention.  Finally, while he was very slowly making his way downstairs, Evan crawled up to him and gave him a toy.  The joke was, "well I guess Evan just doesn't quite understand how extinction is supposed to work yet."  When he finally made it down, he crawled on my lap and said, "Mommy, you're so cute!!"  LOL

Results of the meeting:  He is already finishing up some of his initial programs so they added some new ones.  They showed me a flow chart yesterday of the entire program of therapy, which can take 3+ years to work through.  It's broken into 6 phases, and they said Jack already blew through the first one and is working in phases 2 and 3 which is where he will stay for a little while.  Not bad!!


  1. Evan just has a big heart that wants to help his brother out when he is having a bad time....

  2. Yeah, it was perfect really. Today, Jack made a glow-in-the-dark bracelet and when he was done he wanted one for Evan too. They're really cute when they're getting along!!